Wedding Invitation

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1 year at NSN

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One year back March 4th i joined NSN and @COM there was some routine joining process
then during the afternoon i went to estate building and called Indu my manager.
she came and took me in first impression she is a malyalee…..
then wen i went to my team mates every one looked busy …..
then Indu said SPA33 there is COR for us
and then introduced me to the team.
they all introduced themselves but with fake exp and fake proj especially dharam and Prashanth.

Dharam is a fresher who did his internship at NSN and then his module was taken into the product and also he was absorbed .
Prashant is my Lead and mentor.

they gave me a puzzle to solve looking the way they introduced i felt its another way to make me fool din try it at all.i was happy the team looked nice .the first day i had lunch with team mates thts another good thing about it.
Daram told me we do intresting things in PM for which some ppl gave a sarcastic smile.

Then met many ppl made friends and learnt somethings too.

October ….So many things again……

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Balram close friend Left Bangalore will miss him……………..

oct 2nd 3 years in Bangalore,oct 3 3 years Industry……

oct 4th missing some one important….

oct 7th Gopi and Suman got married…………

oct 17th First Diwali away from home…….and first without celebrating….

e-Mail to your manager

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hate you and your work and this stupid product .
The work you assign me is donkeys work so better you sit and do it yyourself.
I am going home i have sleeping disease….and not coming back .,
HUMBLE REQUEST dont recruit another bakra ….. you do it .
dont try to call me i wont pick up
send 2 months salary to my home. or else i will file harrasment case against you.
NO thanks and NO Regards

My beautiful swimming pool

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Pool at night
Pic by udroyt {Jawahar}

This is the pool which i visit regularly ….i have been swimming in it for over  2 years now …the pool where i learnt swimming…..met many people……..

learnt and taught others how to swim….had fun…swimming with and staring at dolphins of the pool..and finally the pic is taken by jawahar at 8 pm ………

6 years Back

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